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Danica has another movie to be released in 2019. Besides The Exception (Undtagelsen), she is now filming The Mothers Group (Mødregruppen in Danish). Read the article below written by Cinema Scandinavia:

The Mothers Group is about a group of new mothers Line (Danica Curcic) takes comfort in after she returns to her hometown after some years spent living luxury in Hong Kong. She had moved there with her husband Bjørn (Anders W. Berthelsen) and they have a young son together, but when Line catches Bjørn having an affair with their nanny, she takes the son and leaves back to Denmark. While Bjørn threatens her into returning, Line adjusts to her live in rural Denmark and the mother’s group helps her out. The group is made up of unique characters, whom we get to know throughout the film.

The comedy is being produced by Zentropa, Lars von Trier’s production company. Their films are known for travelling abroad, so there is a chance that international audiences will see this film. However, it’s very rare that comedies are released abroad. We’ll have to wait and see!

This is also an interesting role for Curcic, who in recent years has played very serious women, whether it be in the Danish drama series Warrior (alongside Dar Salim), or in the Danish drama film Darling, which Curcic had the leading role of a ballet dancer forced to retire after injury. The Mother’s Group certainly sounds like a much more light-hearted role for Curcic.

Other cast members include Anders W. Berthelsen (Mifune, Klassefesten) as Bjørn, and the mothers group comprises of Marijana Jankovic, Lærke Winther, Martin Buch and Stephanie León. The cast also includes Martin Høgsted, Henning Valin, Henrik Birch and Ditte Hansen.

The Mother’s Group is directed by Charlotte Sachs Bostrup and produced by Sisse Graum Jørgensen of Zentropa.

Filming began on the 16th of July around faaborg, Ringe and Aarup in Denmark, and the Danish release date will be the 7th of February 2019.

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It’s all over the press that Danica is going to be on the new movie The Exception (Undtagelsen in Danish), which will start the filming next August, with a local premiere planned for autumn 2019..

Jesper W. Nielsen directs from a script by Christian Torpe, an adaptation of the hit 2004 novel by Danish author Christian Jungersen, which sold more than 200,000 copies in Denmark and has been published in 20 countries worldwide.

Knudsen, whose credits also include Westworld and The Duke of Burgundy, is joined by a strong female cast that also includes Danica, Amanda Collin (A Horrible Woman), and Lene Maria Christensen (Terribly Happy).

The story follows two women, Iben and Malene (played by Danica and Amanda), working at a small NGO in Copenhagen that specialises in genocide and crimes against humanity. When they begin to receive death threats, they suspect a Serbian war criminal; but then they start suspecting and turning against each other.

The Exception is a nerve-racking thriller that depicts how refined adult maturation can evolve into a terrible game about life and death”, said the press release.

“I am really impressed with those actresses and it’s been a dream for a long time to work with them,” said Danica.

Financiers are the Danish Film Institute, DR, West Danish Film Fund, Creative Europe Media, and Nordisk Film & TV Fond.

Sources: Screen Daily and Berlingske

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There are rumors that Danica Curcic will be on the film Ut og stæjele Hester (Out Stealing Horses) based on the namesake 2003 Norwergian novel by Per Petterson. The film is expected to have its premiere on February 10, 2019 and has received NOK 11.8 million from the Norwegian Film Institute.

According to IMDb, the filming has already started and Danica is part of the cast, which has Stellan Skarsgård and Bjørn Floberg confirmed.

We’re waiting for a confirmation from Danica herself or Lindberg Managenement.

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The first trailer for the upcoming Danish film Darling has been released, and it looks pretty good!

Darling is a story of ballet; Darling is a world-famous ballet dancer who is preparing for the performance of Giselle, a well-known romantic ballet (more info here). Her husband is also her choreographer, Francis. Everything is going well until Darling collapses on the first day of rehearsal and comes to realise that her career is over. Francis, on the other hand, must find a new lead star for the performance. Darling tries to stay close to her art and her husband by training the dancing taking her place, Polly. However, as Polly develops into the lead character, Darling’s life begins to crumble.

Darling stars Danica Curcic, Gustaf Skarsgård and Ulrich Thomsen, and is directed by Birgitte Stærmose. The Danish release is set for the 19th of October and there is no word on a potential international release. Zentropa (Lars von Trier’s production company) is behind the film, so hopefully it’ll get some international love.

You can watch the trailer below:

Source: Cinema Scandinavia