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Danica’s new project, ‘Warrior’ (Kriger, in its original title) will likely air next September and had the first trailer released recently, along with more stills. Check it out:

Check out the new stills:

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This is an article from Cinema Scandinavia about Danica’s new series that will air in September.

Two Danish television series have been selected for the official competition at Series Mania, which is a major television festival and industry event that is held in France.

The first of the two series in the competition is The Rain, which is also Denmark’s first Netflix Original Series. Starring Mikkel Boe Følsgaard and Alba August, the series is about two siblings who embark on a journey for safety after a virus wipes out most of the population.

The series will be released on Netflix on the 8th of May 2018.

The second series is Warrior, directed and co-written by Christoffer Boe.

Two Danish series produced by Miso Film will screen in the official competition. Warrior is a crime drama starring Dar Salim and Danica Curcic that explores loyalty and treachery among war veterans, bikers and the police force. The series was first pitched at Series Mania’s Co-Production Forum in 2016.

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Danica Curcic‘s new Danish TV mini-series, Warrior (Kriger, on its original title) will bring her back to the TV on the role of Louisa, a police officer. Warrior is a crime drama about community, loyalty and treachery amongst war veterans, bikers and the police force, with a love story surrounding the war veteran CC and the police officer that will be played by Danica.

The show will likely air in September 2018 and according to IMDB, it’s on post-production right now.

Recently, some stills and a promotional photo were released and it’s starting to get us all excited. Check it out:

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