Danica Curcic Online

categorized as: Videos posted by admin April 20, 2018

This video of Danica came out on Lime.dk a few days ago. Enjoy!

We are very fond of the cool Danica Curcic, which we have previously interviewed on LIME. In this connection, we found out that her name is actually pronounced “Daniza Churchich”, but she says Danica – just like the insurance company – because it’s easier for the Danes to pronounce.

Danica has Serbian roots
Danica Curcic was born in Belgrade, but came to Denmark with her parents in 1986 when she was a year. Her father had gotten work at the Yugoslav Embassy, ​​and the sentence was that after a couple of years in Copenhagen, the family had to return to Belgrade. However, when the war broke out between Serbia and Bosnia in 1991, her parents chose to stay in Denmark forever. But the Serbian roots do not deny, and Danica Curcic visits her relatives at least once a year.

Broke her nose
And she is one of the toughest actors. Did you know that she actually broke her nose during the third and final admission to the theater school, where she was going to play a lion who would eat a mouse – but of course she played on.

Here you get a little insight into her everyday life at the theater!